KEY Guidelines

Respect, opennes, efficiency and development – those are guiding principals of all the relations built by KEY CONSTRUCTION internally or externally.


Being respectfull to our work, collegues, clients and contractors is a basis of longterm partnership.

Respecting requirements of each team member helps KEY CONSTRUCTION to create a perfect ground for personal and professional development of our employees.

Respect for society leads to responsibility for safety of construction and exploitation, architechtural and social value of each fulfilled project.


Being open to collaborations, experience, innovations and changes. KEY CONSTRUCTION follows the principle of being open and transparent keeping operational information accessible to all concerned. Transparancy of pricing, open access to construction site, recommendations of any of our clients or partners – all that is to make collaboration with KEY CONSTRUCTION intelligible and predictible.


Keeping in mind efficiency while using resourses determines the choise of technologies and day-to-day descisions, which leads to cost optimized, prompt and high quality result.


As we know “not to move forward is to move backwards”. Development and self improvement – those are principles that helped KEY CONSTRUCTION to yearly double the turnover. We set up ambitiouse goals and enjoy meeting big challanges.